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Q-1. Are all your flowers, pods and stems real or plastic?

Q-2. How do I take care of a Cantera?

Q-3. Does the Cantera arrive assembled or do I have to put it together?

Q-4. Can I take appart my Cantera to clean it?

Q-5. Do you build Canteras in custom sizes other than the ones offered in the product's

Q-6. Can I choose a different base pane color other than the colors offered in the product's
customizable default options?

Q-7. Do you work with designers?

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A-1. Yes. All of our flowers, pods and stems are 100% real, natural and organic. We don't
use any plastic or fabric flowers. All of our florals are preserved or dried.
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A-2. Canteras are very easy to care for. You can place a Cantera in any spot you choose in
your house. Just keep them
away from moisture and too many hours of direct sunlight. Do
not water,
ever. Always keep them indoors. From time to time you may dust them using an
air can (used to clean keyboards) or a simple blow will do. Do not use any hand-held
dusters. Although dried flowers are much more resistant to handling than fresh flowers, we
advise to keep direct hand-contact to a minimum to the floral elements. The base can be
handled without restrain.
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A-3. All Canteras are shipped assembled. All you have to do is take them out of the box, and
place them in your favorite spot!! We use our proprietary mix to
cast all the floral elements in
place. This also prevents the arrangement from coming apart during shipping.
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A-4. No. Canteras are not to be disassembled from their original form. For how to care for a
Cantera, refer to
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A-5. Yes. We are not limited to any specific size. We can go as small or as big as your project
requires. Simply write to us at
customerservice@canterasny.com with your details and we
will contact you shortly do discuss options and cost. Once we agree in a design and cost, we
will require
payment in full before any work in your custom work can commence.
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A-6. Yes. We have a more ample selection of acrylic colors to our disposal. We simply offer
as default the most popular colors. If you desire your Cantera's base pane to be a different
color to match your specific decor, please contact us at
with your color specs, and we will get back to you with some choices. Different color choices
are offered at no extra cost.
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A-7. Yes. If you are a designer working for a firm, or freelance, we will be glad to work with
you 1-on-1 if you wish to incorporate our products into your project. We build Canteras for
houses, restaurants, office spaces, hotel/building lobbies or any other indoors spaces!
Simply contact us from our
"contact us" section.
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